I’ve heard once, as a teenager,  a funny poem.  It goes like this:

Love is a feeling I cannot explain

I tickles your heart but condemn your brain

So when you get that feeling

Hit your head against the ceiling!


Funny poem.  I like it.  It explains those typical teenage feelings of love.  It is both fantastic but, oh, so painful at the same time.  You can’t help it to happen.  The feeling comes forth like a big tsunami that hits you and there is no defence for it.  Love is a nice feeling but the after math is, most of the time, devastating.   It hurts so badly you want to do anything stupid.  Like getting drunk.  Or be part of wild car chases.  Or getting yourself in trouble with the police.  Only a few things teenagers do when love hurts.

That brings to mind the question: what is love really?  Is it possible that something so nice and beautiful can bring forth so much pain?  Does love have a spliced personality?  One would like to ask the question:  Can the real love stand up, please?

I believe that love is not a feeling.  You can’t feel love.  You can only see it.  Feelings is chemical reactions in the body.  And love cannot be manufactured in a chemical laboratory, so it is impossible to classify love as a feeling or an emotion.  Love is a verb.  Something in action that you can see.  A decision.  A decision that you have decided to stick to.

Forgiveness.  That is love in action.   Forgiveness is an action you take after you have decided to do so.  Forgiveness is setting the captives free.  Forgiveness is cutting the chains between the “perpetrator” and you so that he/she doesn’t follow you anymore – setting yourself free as well!  There for love for your neighbour is as good as love for yourself.  All in one act of love called forgiveness.

Love is not a feeling, it is an action.  Love doesn’t just happen (like a tsunami), it is called upon by your decisions.  And real love sticks for ever…

Remember, always love good music!

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